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ACE one – the cooker who aims to save millions

African clean energy is the name of the company who wants to use a simple solution to change the lives of millions. So what are they offering that is so groundbreaking? They have looked at one of the biggest killer in the 3rd world countries and that is HAP (household air pollution), caused by open… read more »

Digital green

What an amazing project. Digital Green is helping farmers to share their questions, their success stories and the best practices that propel them forward. Improving agricultural practices, health, livelihood and nutrition with shared videos and human mediated dissemination What started in a few villages around Bangalore in now spread in more that 17.000 villages across… read more »

BioBee – biological pest control

When are we going to understand that pesticides are not a solution for our crops and start thinking about alternative solutions. BioBee is one of the first companies that decided to tackle this issue. Biologically based Integrated Pest Management, Natural Pollination, and Medfly Control are the areas they started focusing upon. Looking for nature inspired… read more »

LEGO® Braille Bricks

What a great idea from Lego, a playful tool to teach Braille to blind and visually impaired children. Brings a different energy into the classroom and gives children the ability to express themselves and learn in a more creative way.

A simple gadget making a big difference in the bathroom

I have first encountered Amphiro in a hotel in Florence and it seemed such a great idea. A smart device that gives people an insight into their showering habits and the long term impact it can have on the energy consumption in the house. The graphics of the polar bear coming closer to drowning make… read more »

Changing children’s lives one solar cow at a time

What an idea… In rural Africa many children are denied the access to education because their families see more benefits if they stay at home and help them out. What if we change this narrative? That is exactly what the South Korean company named YOLK has done. They have installed a solar panels designed in… read more »

Edible water bubble

The race is on, who is going to be the first one to create a quantum leap in the packaging industry. We will take a look into one solution that could hold a bright promise for the future. Ooho! started in 2013 with an idea and it has morphed from a water bubble into a… read more »

Homework with QR code

When scanned it takes the child to an instructional YouTube video related to the assignment/lesson. What a nice idea to add an extra information channel for a better understanding of the students. It is interesting to observe how the QR code has made its progress from the first designs in 1994 for the Japanese automotive… read more »

Plastic bottles as a currency

From metro tickets, to parking fees, to food stamps the collection of plastic from our environment is going to be one of the big task in the upcoming years/decades. Cities around the world are starting to give an option to pay for public transport with plastic bottles. Beijing and Rome are positioning recycling ticket machines… read more »