Digital green

What an amazing project. Digital Green is helping farmers to share their questions, their success stories and the best practices that propel them forward. Improving agricultural practices, health, livelihood and nutrition with shared videos and human mediated dissemination What started in a few villages around Bangalore in now spread in more that 17.000 villages across… read more »

LEGO® Braille Bricks

What a great idea from Lego, a playful tool to teach Braille to blind and visually impaired children. Brings a different energy into the classroom and gives children the ability to express themselves and learn in a more creative way.

Changing children’s lives one solar cow at a time

What an idea… In rural Africa many children are denied the access to education because their families see more benefits if they stay at home and help them out. What if we change this narrative? That is exactly what the South Korean company named YOLK has done. They have installed a solar panels designed in… read more »