About Us

We are here to find solutions, ideas, concepts, and designs that add some harmony to our everyday life and share them with the world. Without positive sum solutions we won’t be able to deal with the fast paced changes that the 21st century is going to face us with, so let’s put our heads together and make it happen.

For the categorization of the posts we will use the four quadrants by Ken Wilber.

The Team of Harmony is looking forward to your feedback and hopes you will join our quest to share many amazing solutions around the globe.

The goal is to inspire individuals and collectives no matter how big, to find disharmonious parts of their existence and be inspired by the solutions that are changing the world as you read this, to bring more harmony to our planet…

Let’s get inspired by Viktor Schaubergers example of C2 – Comprehend and Copy and solve some of the problems we are facing right away!