Photo Synthetica

”There is untapped value in bringing the bio-intelligence of natural systems into cities, turning buildings into living machines that produce energy, store CO2 and clean the air. To achieve that we need to think about the living world as a part of the current digital revolution, so nature becomes part of a new bio-smart infrastructure.” Dr. Marco Poletto

Photo Synthetica is working on photosynthetic building cladding systems that use solar energy to remove CO2 and pollutants from the atmosphere and at the same time produce algae that can be used as food.  

PhotoSynthetica is working on figuring out new opportunities for urban circular economies to the power of algae and convert what CO2 and the heat from the city into use-able raw material in the form of biomass. Algae are at the center of several innovations from food, bio-plastics, cosmetics and many more.

What I find amazing is the new product that they will offer and it is called home algae garden grow kit – BioBomBola. You can buy your own spirulina farm, which produces the same amount of oxygen as 7 big house plants and takes in the same amount of CO2 as 2 young trees. I will definitely get one for myself 🙂