The Tampon Book: A Book Against Tax Discrimination

The tampon book is an amazing example of skillful means being put in place to make a point. Berlin based creative agency Scholz & Friends came up the campaign for The Female Company, who is a online organic tampon-store.

It was building on the momentum of countries like Kenya, Canada and India that have cut higher tax rates for tampons. In the first round “The Tampon Book” sold out in a day, the second print in a week. It is a crazy to think that women have/had to pay higher taxes for menstrual products than for items like caviar, flowers, oil paintings and truffles.

It won the PR Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The focus was to bypass Germany’s 19 percent tax on luxury products, which also include tampons. The Female Company packaged 15 organic tampons inside a 46-page book, which was taxed at the lower 7 percent rate for daily necessities.