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If you like what we are doing, support us with the purchase of our Game of Values or an online consulting session. It always has to be a win win deal 🙂

Discover more about yourself, your family & friends and your environment. If you would like to know more about the Game of Values you can email us at or visit the website.

We use the Game Of Values as a tool to help individuals and companies find their core values and set up a custom road map how to embody them more.

  • Introduction email with the PDF of the game and instructions for preparation
  • First part is a 30 minute zoom call, where we go over the values and narrow down the ones that are the most important to you
  • Extra homework to reflect on the past, present, future
  • A few days later we have another 30 min call, to make a plan to integrate the new insights into your life
  • Two weeks later we do an email checkup and re-calibrate the plan