Photo Synthetica

”There is untapped value in bringing the bio-intelligence of natural systems into cities, turning buildings into living machines that produce energy, store CO2 and clean the air. To achieve that we need to think about the living world as a part of the current digital revolution, so nature becomes part of a new bio-smart infrastructure.”… read more »

Will CO2 become the fuel of the future

Who will discover the most efficient and cheapest way to turn CO2, something we are currently fearing and think will in one possible doom scenario end existence on our beloved planet as we know it, into the next big thing that will fuel our need for energy. Wouldn’t it be funny if our carbon emissions… read more »

Ecological restoration

Ecological restoration (ER) is based on using ecological knowledge to understand how ecosystems work and to use that understanding to recover ecosystem conditions that maintain their structure and function. A mainstream concept intertwining social and scientific roles that reflect modern scientific and public views how valuable nature is and the need for her to sustains… read more »

BioBee – biological pest control

When are we going to understand that pesticides are not a solution for our crops and start thinking about alternative solutions. BioBee is one of the first companies that decided to tackle this issue. Biologically based Integrated Pest Management, Natural Pollination, and Medfly Control are the areas they started focusing upon. Looking for nature inspired… read more »

A simple gadget making a big difference in the bathroom

I have first encountered Amphiro in a hotel in Florence and it seemed such a great idea. A smart device that gives people an insight into their showering habits and the long term impact it can have on the energy consumption in the house. The graphics of the polar bear coming closer to drowning make… read more »

Changing children’s lives one solar cow at a time

What an idea… In rural Africa many children are denied the access to education because their families see more benefits if they stay at home and help them out. What if we change this narrative? That is exactly what the South Korean company named YOLK has done. They have installed a solar panels designed in… read more »

Curitiba, Brazil’s most sustainable city

In the year 1971 the city elected a new major and changed it’s destiny forever. It is one of the first, if not the first modern example of a sustainable city, a smart city. In the 12 years of him being the major the city went trough major changes and became a role model for… read more »