Changing children’s lives one solar cow at a time

What an idea…

In rural Africa many children are denied the access to education because their families see more benefits if they stay at home and help them out. What if we change this narrative?

That is exactly what the South Korean company named YOLK has done.

They have installed a solar panels designed in the shape of a cow that has a battery charger and batteries for udders. At first it maybe sounds a little out there, but wait for it.

A family is faced with many difficulties in those areas of the developed world (pilot in Kenya) and having access to electricity is one of them, to be more precise, to charge the phone, since that is the most important device that needs to be juiced up. A family can spend more that 4 hours for the commute and pay a fee for every charge and here the Solar Cow comes in. What they did is give every child that goes to school a battery that is being charged while they are having classes and then they can take it home. The battery can charge the phone and give extra power to light up the house. The story for the parents has changed, the incentive has changed. It is more profitable for the parent to send the child to school now, since they bring back the precious stored energy to fuel up their phone.

Sometime we just need to have access to a teat of an udder and all problems disappear ūüėČ