2020 September

Homework with QR code

When scanned it takes the child to an instructional YouTube video related to the assignment/lesson. What a nice idea to add an extra information channel for a better understanding of the students. It is interesting to observe how the QR code has made its progress from the first designs in 1994 for the Japanese automotive… read more »

Plastic bottles as a currency

From metro tickets, to parking fees, to food stamps the collection of plastic from our environment is going to be one of the big task in the upcoming years/decades. Cities around the world are starting to give an option to pay for public transport with plastic bottles. Beijing and Rome are positioning recycling ticket machines… read more »

Curitiba, Brazil’s most sustainable city

In the year 1971 the city elected a new major and changed it’s destiny forever. It is one of the first, if not the first modern example of a sustainable city, a smart city. In the 12 years of him being the major the city went trough major changes and became a role model for… read more »

Bee hives protect from elephants

The Elephant and Bees Project started in 2009, when zoologist Lucy King suggested to use bees as guardians for elephants on east African farms from. One can imagine the force and strength that would be needed to stop elephants and the potential harm and collateral damage that it would bring with it. But as this… read more »