Plastic bottles as a currency

From metro tickets, to parking fees, to food stamps the collection of plastic from our environment is going to be one of the big task in the upcoming years/decades.

Cities around the world are starting to give an option to pay for public transport with plastic bottles. Beijing and Rome are positioning recycling ticket machines in the metro stations and there are other cities in the world that doe the same. It does seem a little bit off in Italy, considering you have to go to the metro station carrying 30 plastic bottles. But they will figure out the details with time.

Indonesia5 bottles – 2 hour ride
Italy30 bottles – one ticket
Beijing10 bottles – one ticket (from 5-15 cents, depends on the bottle )
We will try to update this chart and make a plastic bottle index to rival the big mac index 😉

One of the most advanced systems come from Australia and it is called Envirobank, where they have collection points located throughout the city, you register as a user and when depositing the recycled bottles, you get money deposited to your account to spend freely.

You can also check one of our previous posts over Curitiba, one of the first cities in the world to set an example ho is should be done.