Curitiba, Brazil’s most sustainable city

In the year 1971 the city elected a new major and changed it’s destiny forever. It is one of the first, if not the first modern example of a sustainable city, a smart city. In the 12 years of him being the major the city went trough major changes and became a role model for the amount green space per capita, high efficient bus network, bike lanes and state of the art waste management. Recycling is rewarded with public transportation tokens, food or school supplies, show tickets.

In one of the other posts I mention the options that some cities like Beijing and Rome are offering to pay for the metro with plastic bottles. Curitiba started doing this in the 70’s and showed the world what is possible if the right people with the right vision start making things happen.

When are we going to use such examples and ideas and do our best to make them mainstream. In what way could the innovations of other people and in this case cities help us solve our own problems? What can we learn an integrate in the way we run our lives?

A long time has past since the prime years of Curitiba, but it is easy to see how they are still far ahead of the pack in their city life culture that they have developed over the past decades.


The first Smart City in the World: Curitiba, Brazil