Smartfin – collecting data for ocean research

The global ocean may be the most critical part of Earth’s environmental system. Since the Industrial Revolution, the ocean has absorbed 90% of the excess heat from global warming and half of the excess carbon dioxide. Scientists confirm that the way the ocean handles continued increases in heat and carbon dioxide will largely determine how… read more »

When a beetle saves the day

The Dew Bank is a simple but effective small scale solution, the fog collecting water bottle, perfect for dry desert areas. Inspired by the desert beetle, who uses the bumps on his back to collect water droplets from air and let them run down his body into his mouth. The water collecting methods of  Onymacris… read more »

A simple gadget making a big difference in the bathroom

I have first encountered Amphiro in a hotel in Florence and it seemed such a great idea. A smart device that gives people an insight into their showering habits and the long term impact it can have on the energy consumption in the house. The graphics of the polar bear coming closer to drowning make… read more »