2020 October

Nowlight – Put the power in your hands

There are more and more companies that are focusing on the needs of people who live in the 3rd world countries and Deciwatt is definitely one of those. The good thing about companies like this is that their products can also serve a purpose in the developed world, where we are more and more dependent… read more »

5 (Neo)Commandments, Stewardship & Family companies

Family companies that survived for more than 3 generations and what we can learn from them… I will lay down 5 Neo-commandment learned through decades of hard work and perseverance from those who came before us. But before we do that, let’s just for a moment pretend someone came down from a mountain and gave… read more »

Freecycle & Freegle – One persons trash is another persons treasure

Freecycle was formed in 2003 with the ideas if the gift economy in the backround. It is a worldwide network of “gifting” groups/people to divert reusable goods from landfills to places where they are wanted and needed, connecting givers with takers. Present in more than 100 countries and with close to 10 million members it… read more »

Zidisha – Lend directly to people in developing countries

Zidisha managed something that most of other lending platforms couldn’t, get rid of the middle man. In this case member of Zidisha can lend money person to person and be in direct contact with their lender. They as an experiment in 2009, with an untested concept; P2P lending for entrepreneurs in developing countries. Today they… read more »

Cubit – the smart tape measure

Plott is the name of the company that is bringing us a tool made to go along with the tech revolution that we are currently in. Measuring with your arms, to be precise with the length from your elbow to the end of your fingers was the standard measurement in Egypt and behold it was… read more »

3D printed cast

The rise of new technologies and the change it brings to our lives. 3D printing is not a new thing any more, but it will be fun to observe how it will bring new products and solutions into our everyday life. One of those are 3D printed casts. From using wooden splints that have been… read more »

The Interceptor™ – the Ocean Cleanup

The Interceptor is The Ocean Cleanup’s answer for river plastic waste. There came up with a simple and scalable solution to pick up plastic before it enters the world’s oceans through rivers. A 100% solar-powered, autonomous, plastic collector that can operate in the majority of the world’s most polluting rivers. For those who are not… read more »

Anki – Remembering things just became much easier

Anki is for everyone who has something new in their life that they need to learn and if it needs to happen fast it is even more important to find the right method to do so. It’s aim is to make remembering things easy. More efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease… read more »