ACE one – the cooker who aims to save millions

African clean energy is the name of the company who wants to use a simple solution to change the lives of millions.

So what are they offering that is so groundbreaking? They have looked at one of the biggest killer in the 3rd world countries and that is HAP (household air pollution), caused by open fire cooking-stoves. They came up with an improved cook-stove that uses less fuel, has the lowest emissions on the market and gives the people at the same time access to a battery that is solar powered.

Not bad you say, that’s not all. It comes with a remarkable financing plan called PAYS – pay as you safe. So the families don’t have to go into debt for the purchase, but they can pay it off with the savings they make on a daily basis less material/fuel, savings in time, phone charging, light, …

The problems of those households are not the complete lack of money, but having bigger chunks laying around to start with.

How It Works

The burning chamber of the ACE One is designed to reduce smoke emissions to a negligible level by creating clean biomass combustion.

  • It has an ventilator that blows oxygen into the top & bottom of the burning chamber
  • Oxygen causes temperature of the fire within the chamber to increase to approximately 1000°C, at which point biomass will gasify 
  • Hot gas floats to the top of the burning chamber where it meets more oxygen & combusts completely